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Leah Hancy

Leah is 26 years old and has graduated with a Bachelor of Communications (Majoring in Expressive Arts and Minoring in Communication Management) and a Diploma in Teaching (Secondary). She is currently in her fifth year of teaching secondary students and is HOD of Dance at Freyberg High School. 

Leah completed AJDA Advanced 2 (Honors with Distinction), Advanced Solo Seal (Honors), and NZAMD Contemporary 3 (High Honors). She was a recipient of AJDA International Phoenix Dance Workshop Scholarship awarded at AJDA Jazz Congress. In 2013 and 2017 Leah gained experience at full-time dance studios in Sydney.

Leah is a well-versed performer having competed at both regional and national level for a number of years. Leah’s choreography was nominated for Nationals PACANZ in 2018 and 2022.

She is experienced in various styles and uses her knowledge and experience to mentor exam and competition students.

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