Dance Classes

Ready Set Dance

Dance Unlimited is an official  location of Australia's leading preschool dance program 'READY SET DANCE'.  This 1 hour, multi award winning preschool program promotes the 3 C's - Confidence, Coordination and Creativity - allowing children to dance, sing and express themselves while most importantly... having FUN! In association with Nick Jnr – it's a one stop dance programme for 2-5yr olds.


Preschool Ballet

A gentle introduction to the world of Ballet through a fun and imaginative weekly class designed for the pre school age group.  Using props like wands, umbrellas, musical instruments, ribbons etc – the children are given the opportunity to dance with our trained dance teachers whilst gaining confidence to use their own imagination and creativity. 



Classical ballet captures the essence of dance,and is at the core of most other dance genres. Children love to to dance and this artistic and musical syllabus is a perfect beginning with delightful entertaining exercises and movements that develop through the grades to the Vocational levels and Professional levels. Children love it!


At Dance Unlimited we teach the ISTD syllabus. ISTD represents the following: “Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing” and is taught in over 60 countries worldwide.   The ISTD is one the world’s leading Dance examination Boards, with the widest range of dance genres available.

The content has evolved and is always moving forwards with current and achieveable goals, whilst maintaining an exceptionally high standard. The Vocational syllabus is supported by an internationally recognised Teacher Training Programmes and Qualifications  - second to none.

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These fun energetic Jazz classes are structured on a progressional basis that starts at age 5 years old and progresses through 14 levels to Advanced and Solo Seal. The music used is current and popular, the content is dynamic and cleanly structured with pilates based warmups and cool downs. It’s fun and exciting to learn for all ages.  The work fully trains the student in all aspects of Jazz with the inclusion of basic Ballet techniques and the depth of technique required to encourage performance, style and the sheer enjoyment. The syllabus is always evolving and attracts young dancers who enjoy the diverse styles they develop.



RBM was designed to provide New Zealand's dance studios with the latest in Urban Choreography, by some of the most talented choreographers throughout the country. The programme works in levels, teaching  foundational movements and exercises to assist the growth of students into well-rounded and technical dancers, working progressively through a variety of street/commercial dance and urban choreography. 
While focusing on developing technique and skill, RBM is curated with emphasis on performance and encourages students to step outside of their comfort zone, gaining confidence through dance. 
RBM strive to make each lesson a positive and enjoyable experience.

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Tap has evolved as an American dance form, popularised throughout the world, with debate about its origins coming from African & Irish dance.  The dancer uses their feet to strike the floor, beating out different rhythms, with dancers wearing tap shoes which have small metal plates on the toe and heel to give the distinctive sound. Tap dance is a theatrical art form often seen on stage in musicals. The ever evolving ISTD Tap syllabus has prepared many a dancer for life on the stage/professional careers.


This specialised form of dance is growing within NZ dance schools. We believe it is ideally suited to the age group of 10yrs & over. Contemporary dance explores the body and the way it moves, develops technical awareness & to express music and movement through Contemporary dance. It can be a very physical and emotive form of dance.  Students learn to experiment with weight, gravity, and momentum. From this the understanding of movement and creativity develops. It is fluid, dynamic and the dancers learn to think outside the ‘box’, and it works well with other genres, especially Ballet, Jazz & Modern.

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Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD)

Modern Theatre Dance defies a single permanent definition. This is largely due to its ability to adapt, develop and evolve with the changing fashion in dance. Through a carefully planned and well-tried examination syllabus, which combines modern dance, jazz and other dance styles, young people are trained to become disciplined and versatile dancers who have a professional attitude towards dance.Modern Theatre dance is a rhythmic dance style which originated in America before travelling to the rest of the world. It is often seen on the stages of musical productions and is known for its theatrical qualities. The style uses travelling steps, high kicks, leaps and turns which all need strength and flexibility. This is a highly energetic dance style.

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